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Name: Jim Fairchild, Sr.

Title: Crew Chief

Jim is the ultimate crew chief, driven to succeed and focused on the teams performance.   

During the race day he is often found in the #62 pit preparing this ultimate racing team for competition. As the primary radio person, Jim has guided the #62 to numerous victories.

Jim owns a construction company and spends his non-racing time restoring race boats for competitors.


formula 1 & 2 powerboat racing team

Fairchild Racing

Name: Jim Fairchild, Jr.

Title: Race Logistics Specialist

Jim's critical to the team, his analytical and logistical analysis give essential information to enhance the teams production and performance.

Along with crewing for Fairchild Racing, Jim drives in the mod and stock hydo categories with his son, Dakota.

Name: Wendy Fairchild

Title: Event Co-Ordination and Director of Marketing

Wendy co-ordinates the team promotions and marketing ventures.  

On race day she is a spirited supporter of the team and a wonderful mother and wife to her racing family.