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formula 1 & 2 powerboat racing team

Fairchild Racing

We will assist you in successfully promoting your product or service. The team offers flexible packages to serve the needs of our clients.  Contact our marketing and promotions departments and they will create an individualized marketing plan to suit your specific needs.  

This is one of the greatest opportunities for your company.  We will reach MILLIONS of spectators in a vast array of demographics from all ages, your ROI will be staggering.

Your company will take advantage of the enormous impact of this thrilling high-speeds sport, the 100,000's of fans cheering on this legendary team at the race site and the millions of fans that watching us on television and internet coverage from home.

With an impressive professional team transporter outfitted in our partners logos and colors.  The team creates positive impressions in the racing paddock, as well as, to millions traveling across the country on major interstates.

Every race venue is packed with media coverage.  The media flocks to Chris and this champion team because of his charismatic character and legendary racing resume. 

If you are looking for an unique and effective way of marketing your company.  Fairchild Racing will be a successful solution for you!